Importance of Travel Guide in Sundarban

The natural beauty of the lush green Sundari trees that border the coastline and its silent waves really demands special mention. The place is better known as Sundarban. If you've been reading this blog you will be aware that the place is actually a large mangrove forest. The region lies between the two great neighboring countries India and Bangladesh.

In both these countries, this is the best known Tiger Reserve and attracts lots of visitors from all around the globe. So while you're are thinking about travelling to Sundarban you must take a travel guide who will help you set out the path you will be taking.

Before we start up, let's chalk out the very basics of your Sundarban Tourism - 

When is the best time to visit Sundarban?

Most travel and tourism companies take tourists all round the year but that isn't right. As nature has its own cycle. There are seasons when one can expect to see Tigers and other species of bio-diversity. Depending on the species you want to target, the Sundarban tour will be worthwhile.

travel to Sundarban with special travel guide

Its best to avoid the Summer season, as temperatures are quite high and humidity is as its maximum. This means more sweating and a boring tour. The rainy season is a must avoid as its not like the tropical rain-forests where the water run off seems in the soil. Here in Sundarban the water clogs into muddy swamps and deep trenches that lead to surface run off right into the ocean.

The area practically becomes inaccessible during these times.

So we are ultimately left with the Winter season! That's the best time as you will be able to see lots of migratory birds and species that come for basking in the Sun. This is the time when you can witness the true beauty of Sundarban forest.

This post will be updated as and when we get more information. So stay tuned!

Beauty of Sundarban Forest

The forest area of Sundarban is mainly covered in dense mangroves that are widely spread across the coastal areas of the delta. The word 'Sundarban' comes from the Sundari trees that are found in the region. The place is quite serene and the scenic beauty is just spectacular.

The gravity of the picture rises when there are clouds in the sky and cool breeze from the rivers rush across the land. The place won itself the UNESCO stand in 1997 as a World Heritage Site. However the story isn't so full of joy. Due to low promotional activities of the region, it lacks active participation from the Tourism and Travel departments.

royal bengal tiger coming out of the sundarban jungle with jaws open

Geographically, Sundarban covers an extensive area of 4262 kms in our country, India. The rest falls under Bangladesh. The mangrove forest is highly dense as it spans out across 56 islands that are interconnected by shallow rivers.

The area is a bit swampy and that creates a mist in its form around the small islands. The real beauty is in the animal that protects the entire forest and is often proclaimed as the King. Yes! You've guessed it right, I am talking about the Royal Bengal Tiger of Sundarban Forest.

A magnificent creature against the backdrop of grey sand and clay soil. The bright chrome yellow and black strips truly exposes the real beauty of Sundarban Forest.

Special Tours and Travels to Sundarban

The hunger of travelling to Sundarban had always presented a challenge to human minds which just keeps changing its form from time to time. Every part of the nature seems to be beautiful in genuinely in own way. But how different are you going to judge such aspects if you don't reach live?

Well, that is what is being the main motive behind this article to be scribbled on a web page. If you haven't decided as how to tread on to the world of unknown where every moment your life will be facing new challenges in front then Sundarban Tours and travels is your booking destination. It is an estuarine region is a really a nice place to spend your leisure time to get the taste of every kind of flavour that is still hidden behind those tender leaves and wildlife.

mangroves in sundarbanThe characteristics of any such kind of regions is said to be encircling the life that exists in the islands: the coexistence of wildlife and the human bravery. Lothian Island is one of those exotic locations that have been crowded with innumerable species of mango groves that you would be pricked at each step by the breathing roots of those magnificent sundari trees: specialty of West Bengal mango grove.

The brackish waters of Kalashdwip is said to be the house of huge variety of marine life with fishes and crabs more in number. Bhagabatpur crocodile sanctuary had all the time attracted those natural lovers which would love those eyes of a predator to be watched at the most closest and save distance from this wondrous creature. But the tiger reserve that is giving shelter to those rare royal Bengal tiger and their troops is an all time favorite. But are you worrying what's more to these wildlife characteristics.

Well then you need to go through the streets of the normal life existing. It is so wonderful to be a part of their rudimentary form of entertainment. But to make your stay even better, you should be opting for Sundarban Tours to let comfortable flow in when you are rack from the whole day's visit to this wonderful land, land of real wildlife leaving in your next colony.

The small creeks in between this estuarine land does make the little boat journey to give a more beautiful feel to your holiday at this part of the world. Transportation costs are being brought down by it for make your travel enjoyable to the utmost. 

The Beauty of Sundarban Tourism

Sundarbans - The word that was originated from the Sundari Trees found in that area. It's not like the Amazon rainforest, it's more of a swampy place surrounded by light dense fog. The most noticeable figure is the Royal Bengal Tiger.

A little information about Sundarbans will help you to get the idea of what it is actually. It is one of the largest deltas in the world. Its coastal reaches are surrounded by thick mangroves that bind the soil together. The geological area of Sundarban is formed by the confluence of three rivers.

They are as follows -
  1. The Ganga,
  2. The Brahmaputra, and,
  3. The Meghna.
From another perspective the area is deemed to be a wildlife sanctuary which covers an estimated area of 2585 sq km. The area is so huge that it actually lies between two neighboring countries.India and Bangladesh both share the same land on which Sundarban stands. The area also forms the world's largest estuarine delta. The water channels carry saline water and deposit heavy amounts of silt down the river. There are no waterfalls in the region so the river usually loses all the steam. The water are really slow moving with negligible turbulence during normal seasons.

Sunderbans is home to over 270 Royal Bengal Tigers that are complimented by spotted deers, monkeys, wild boars, kingfishers and special types of eagles that have white bellies underneath their body.

The alluvial deposits forms a section of 54 islands which in other words forms an archipelago.

Stay tuned for more updates as we will be updating more details about Sundarban Travel Guide here in our blog.