Beauty of Sundarban Forest

The forest area of Sundarban is mainly covered in dense mangroves that are widely spread across the coastal areas of the delta. The word 'Sundarban' comes from the Sundari trees that are found in the region. The place is quite serene and the scenic beauty is just spectacular.

The gravity of the picture rises when there are clouds in the sky and cool breeze from the rivers rush across the land. The place won itself the UNESCO stand in 1997 as a World Heritage Site. However the story isn't so full of joy. Due to low promotional activities of the region, it lacks active participation from the Tourism and Travel departments.

royal bengal tiger coming out of the sundarban jungle with jaws open

Geographically, Sundarban covers an extensive area of 4262 kms in our country, India. The rest falls under Bangladesh. The mangrove forest is highly dense as it spans out across 56 islands that are interconnected by shallow rivers.

The area is a bit swampy and that creates a mist in its form around the small islands. The real beauty is in the animal that protects the entire forest and is often proclaimed as the King. Yes! You've guessed it right, I am talking about the Royal Bengal Tiger of Sundarban Forest.

A magnificent creature against the backdrop of grey sand and clay soil. The bright chrome yellow and black strips truly exposes the real beauty of Sundarban Forest.